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The Simply Jesus website is for anyone interested in the life and teachings of Jesus. We are gathering some of the most interesting and helpful content about Jesus of Nazareth from around the world. These videos can be shared with small or large groups and anyone wanting to know more about this man who has shaped the lives of so many through the centuries.

The Kindergarten of Faith

It was a hot afternoon in Sri Lanka…. actually, there aren’t really any other kind of afternoons in Sri Lanka. Hot and muggy. We were standing on a large flat rock the size of a house with a lush green canopy of jungle stretching down below us. I was in my mid-forties. The man who […]

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Why Simply…Jesus

About two years ago, I called a couple of close friends – Bart Tarman and Jay Pathak and said “We have to do something significant to help people see Jesus. The real, biblical Jesus. Not my private western version of him, or the tel-evangelist Jesus, but the one of the Gospels. And, so, how do […]

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